Welcome to Whitis Aleworks

A Home Brewery producing clean and mixed fermentation sour beers.

Houston, Texas

About Us

Who We Are

We are a group of old friends who get together to celebrate friendships, good times had with one another and terrific home brewed Ales and Lagers.

What We Brew

From flavorful ales to clean lagers to mixed culture sour fermentation beers, we brew it all.  Our award winning portfolio of home brews has depth and range to satisfy anyone's palate.

How We Do It

This hobby has consumed our living establishment, taking up space in closets to occupying an entire vehicle space in the garage.  Our custom made brew stand and fermentation controls allows to precise control and consistency.

Menu of Beers

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Grab a Drink!

You know how to find us, come  on by and let's hang out.

Whitis AleWorks


Sunday - Sunday: When We Wake Up - When We Go to Sleep (~9pm)